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  • Think yourself as gamer? show your game physics and win exciting prizes.

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Fresh design and functionality

Our knights are gifted with skill and creativity. Be it design, development or content, our innovative ideas set us apart from the rest.

Fast and simple

The elegant website of FAST-Karachi is really FAST and simple to use when it comes to changings and customizations. Automated faculty profiles and news feeds help you get the most from online portal.

Job Portal

The job portal built in FAST-Karachi portal helps you find internships and jobs with a single click. Find the job that best suits you and just email to apply.

Time Table

If you are lost somewhere in the middle of emails finding the current version of time table, don't bother, we update time table with every new version so you just need to visit a simple link rather than digging out emails.

Why join

the company of heroes?

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Bring your own Brilliance

What is your forte ? Writing ? Designing ? Developing or maybe Managing ? Whatever it is we welcome you here, to master your own skill and to bring your brilliance to the team. We aim to be brilliant, not just the best.

Fulfill your dreams

Everyone has a dream to excel at one thing or another. BUT! Do not keep o dreaming ! Join us to transform you dreams into reality!

Join Nucleus

Do you have a thrust for new skills ? And a strong desire to learn ? Then your wait is over! Here, is a platform for you where you can work hard and excel ! A series of workshops on CSS, HTML, HTML5, PHP, Photoshop etc, where all your questions would be answered.

Beat Krypto

Think of yourself as a genius ? Really ? then prove it us. We challenge you to beat Krypto, the devious monster at his own game ! Good luck !

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Amazing T-Shirt

Love the Webmasters? This is the time to show your love. Buy amazing t-shirt of TWM and be amongst the geeks of FAST-Karachi.

Meet the team.

What makes The Webmasters so strong? Well....our heroes

Siniša Komlenić
Željko Gudelj
Bojan Radonić

Đorđe Krstić
Đorđe Grubač
Milan Tomić
Predrag Dubajić
Predrag Dubajić
Predrag Dubajić


The Webmasters is a small group of dedicated Knights
working hard around the table and the clock to produce awesomeness.

The WebMasters is developing and maintaining the online facade for FAST Karachi on the World Wide Web since 14 years. From Conception to Designing, and Development to Deployment, The Webmasters has what it takes to craft the website of the best Computer Science University of Pakistan.

The Webmasters is the face of FAST Karachi when it comes to the Social Media Realm. It is a very recent development that the administration has entrusted The Webmasters with this honorable task of representing FAST on the social media.

The history of The Webmasters is a story of extraordinary commitment. The roots of The Webmasters are dug deep within the foundation of FAST. It all started with the dawn of the World Wide Web, and from there it never looked back. Full history of The Webmasters will be available soon.

The Webmasters prides itself with some of the best students of FAST Karachi. The very best of the lot get the chance to work in the premium society of FAST. It is not only talent and skill that matters to be a part of The Webmasters but zeal, enthusiasm, and commitment.