About Azadi-e-Afkar

It all begins with a thought, the greatest of revolutions were once only passing thoughts. Azadi-e-Afkar is about articulating your thoughts on the most pervasive of issues. Who knows which thought can trigger a chain of actions and the reactions that will lead us to another French Revolution?

An idea is never too crazy, things which are proven were once just disorganized and incoherent locutions. #TWMAzadieAfkar offers you to bring up your thoughts whilst believing they will mark an impression!

What is Azadi-e-Afkar?
Azadi-e-Afkar is Pakistan's first microbloggin competition.

Who can participate in this event?
All Pakistani nationals who's permanent residence is in Pakistan.

Is there any registration fee?

Will there be a winning prize?

How do I register?
There's no registration required. By using the #hashtags we provide, you will automatically be a part of the competition.

Which platforms can be used for this event?
Facebook and Twitter only.

How does the competition work?

* Team #TWMAzadiEAfkar will release a #hashtag every 24 hours, starting from 30th of November
* A total of three #hashtags will be released
* Participants will keep a status/tweet on the #hashtag
* Each participant will be allowed a total number of 5 tweets/statuses for each #hashtags
* Entries with highest number of Shares/Retweets will win!
* All likes, and tweets must be organic. Otherwise the entry will be disqualified.