What is Blog Act?

An intra FAST blogging competition. Designed to hone your blogging skills!

There are three categories for Blog Act,

The Best Blog Prize Do you own a blog the deserves the limelight? Send it to us! If your blog has what it takes then you will be crowned the best blogger of FAST Karachi!

The blog with the most hits(visits) and quality of content will get this prize.

Best Media Blog Post: Media blogs are always in fashion. Prepare a media blog on the topic of your choice and we will take care of the rest!

A media blog is a kind of blog that is rich in content and includes appropriate images and/or videos.

Best Humor Blog Post: Think you have the thing to make people laugh? Lay it on a blog and send it to us!

Rules and Regulations:
  • Blogs that will be copied from some other source on the internet will be disqualified
  • Blogs that will be 'heavily inspired' from any other source will be rigorously cross checked
  • For the Media Blog Post and Humor Blog Post category, the participant will also have to create an entire blog from any known CMS(Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger etc) and submit the blog link. (Don't know what that means? Worry not, check tutorials from the link above!)
  • Blogs for the Best Blog Prize will be checked on multiple technical and non-technical levels
  • Submissions will be open from Wednesday, 4th December, 2013
  • Deadline for the submission of blogs is 7th December, 2013
  • Decision of the Jury will be final
Make Blog With WordPress.com :

  • Goto WordPress.com
  • Make a free account
  • Choose your blog address while signing up.
  • WordPress will create a free blog for you.
  • WordPress will create a free blog for you.
  • You can see the option of my blogs in the top navigation bar.
  • Click my blogs and create a new blog.
  • Remember selecting the option "viewable by everyone" while making your blog.
  • Once you have made you blog, you can create post by selecting "New Post" option.
  • You can even create pages in your blog and change themes.

Make Blog With Blogger.com :

  • Sign Up to blogger with your GMail ID.
  • Make a free account.
  • Select create blog option.
  • Choose your blog address and name while signing up.
  • Google will create a free blog for you.
  • You can then have a dashboard of your new created blog.
  • You can now make new posts for your blog, create pages and see stats of your blog.
  • Unlike wordpress blogger has little difficult procedure for changing themes.
  • To change theme you will have to search on google for free blogger themes, once you have chosen you theme you will have ".xml" file.
  • You can upload this file to "YourDashboard->Template->Edit HTML->Upload Theme".

Register  here .